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State of New York Privacy Notice


Section 94 (1) (D) of the New York Public Officers Law requires this notice to be provided when collecting personal information from individuals

  • Agency Name: State University of New York
  • Division: College at Plattsburgh
  • Title of Official Responsible for Maintenance of the Information: Executive Director of Human Resource Services
  • Telephone Number: 518-564-5062
  • Business Address of Official: Plattsburgh State University of New York, Kehoe Administration Building, Room 912, Plattsburgh, New York 12901-2681
Authority Which Permits the Maintenance of the Information
  • Educational Law 355.a.
  • Title VII Civil Rights Act 196
  • Social Security Law
  • Collective Agreements between the State of New York and respective bargaining units, including Memoranda of Understanding State Insurance Laws and Rules
  • Tax Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Military Records Law
  • State Investment Law
  • Civil Service Law
  • Veterans Law
  • Volunteer Fire Law
  • Federal and State Equal Opportunity Laws
  • Public Officers Law
The Consequences, if any, of Not Providing All or Any Part of the Requested Information
  • Loss of right under law to secure benefits.
  • The Principal Purpose(s) Within the Agency for Which the Information is to be Used
  • Identification, employment, compensation, benefits, employee relations, affirmative action compliance and information
  • reports within the campus and SUNY system.
Known or Foreseeable Transfers of the Information
  • Civil Service, FBI, Unemployment, IRS, Health insurance, Medicare, Retirement Systems, GHI-Dental, Banks, Merchants
  • Referral of candidates, Negotiating Units, Other State Agencies, System Administration, Immigration and Naturalization Services
  • Benefit Carriers, Division of Budget, Office of the State Comptroller
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