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Benefits for SUNY Plattsburgh Employees


Benefit Summaries

Click on the links below for summaries of the benefits available to SUNY Plattsburgh employees within each union-represented group:

Note: the documents require the latest version of Acrobat Reader, which is available as a free download.

Health Insurance

Empire Plan


Dental and Vision Benefits (by Negotiating Unit)

Council 82/NYSCOPBA/APSU, PEF, & Management/Confidential (M/C)

Dental Benefits provided by GHI/Emblem

Vision Benefits provided by Davis Vision 

Civil Service Employees Association (CSEA)

Dental and Vision Benefits provided by the CSEA Employee Benefit Fund

  • www.cseaebf.com - List of providers, forms, and benefit descriptions.
  • Phone: 800-323-2732

United University Professions (UUP)

Dental and Vision Benefits provided by the UUP Benefit Trust Fund

Delta Dental PPO Group # 00165 Phone: 800-471-7093

Davis Vision Phone: 800-283-9374


  • Voluntary Phased Separation Program - This program is designed to give eligible employees an opportunity for a phased approach to separation.  It allows individuals to move into non-employment or retirement gradually through a voluntary reduction in work and commensurate reduction in pay.  It also enables departments to plan for the replacement of long-term colleagues in advance of their actual separation.  

For additional information, see the complete program description and application below. 

Supplemental Retirement Annuities/Tax Deferred Annuities

Click here for brochure

To start, change, or stop the amount that is currently being deducted from your paycheck, go to Retirement at Work.

NYS Deferred Compensation Plan (457) - The 457(b) deferred compensation plan was created for public employees only. As an employee of New York State, you can contribute money in a retirement account from your paycheck before taxes. Both your contributions and any earnings you make from investing your money have the opportunity to grow tax-deferred until you make withdrawals, which are taxed as ordinary income, generally in retirement.

Tuition Assistance Programs

NYS/CSEA Partnership – Education and training opportunities for NYS CSEA-represented employees through labor-management cooperation.

SUNY Tuition Waiver – All state and research foundation employees are eligible for one course per fiscal year at a SUNY school (benefit prorated for part-time employees).

UUP Tuition Waiver – All UUP-represented employees are allowed to take one course per semester or session on a space-available basis.  The form is available in Human Resource Services, Kehoe 912.  You must have the course name and number at the time of the request.

Other Benefits

NYS College Savings Plan – A way to have money taken out of your paycheck and placed in a savings plan for your dependents to go to college.

The Governor's Office of Employee Relations Online Learning Center  contains useful information for New York State employees including self-study courses and other resources employees may find helpful in performing their jobs.

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