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Faculty Development Workshops

Currently Available

Please check back.

Faculty Choice!

Send us your requests. Examples include:

Fulbright Workshop(s)

Learn about teaching and research opportunities in more than 125 countries. Get advice on selecting countries for application and making contacts abroad. Explore how SUNY Plattsburgh can host visiting foreign Fulbright scholars. Get tips on how to prepare the Fulbright application.

Discussions/Training on Specific Grant Opportunities

As requested by faculty: NIH funding mechanisms (e.g., R1 or R3 grants), NSF, NEH (e.g., summer stipend program). As practical, program officers from the relevant agency will lead the discussion via conference call or in person (as practical).

Grant Writing Basics

Learn the basics of finding potential funding sources, writing a proposal and developing a project budget.

Individual Training Available & Encouraged!

We've found PI training to be most effective when a specific project or problem has presented itself.

How to Request Training or Suggest a Topic

To request training or suggest a workshop topic please call the Office of Sponsored Research at 518-564-2155 or email Marianne Wemette ([email protected]).

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