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Information for Vendors

Learn more about the general purchasing practices when working with our campus.

Let's Do Business

The SUNY procurement process is decentralized. While there are some university-wide contracts, each of the 30 state-operated campuses does the vast majority of their own purchasing. You are encouraged to contact the individual campus purchasing offices to:

  • share information about your business;
  • be placed on their vendor list (if applicable); and
  • discuss how your company might meet the campus’ specific needs.

To help identify where else you might do business with the State of New York, the Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) compiles a "Directory of Frequently Purchased Commodities and Services" for New York state agencies, including SUNY and public authorities.

You may obtain a free paper copy by calling OSC at 518-474-0203.

Additional information about how to sell to the State of New York can be found on OSC's "How to do business with New York State" webpage.

SUNY encourages vendors to register in the state's Vendor Responsibility System (VendRep System). The VendRep System allows business entities to enter and maintain their Vendor Responsibility Questionnaire information (required for contract valued at $100,000) in a secure, centralized database.

Payment Procedures

All invoices sent by the vendor should reference a valid PO# and be sent directly to accounts payable.

Failure to follow this process may result in delay of payment to the vendor. It is our goal to ensure payment in a timely manner, according to the New York state finance laws, and to reduce the risk of paying an interest penalty and late fees. All invoices should be mailed to purchasing.

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