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We engage in several revenue generating activities.


SUNY Plattsburgh engages in several revenue generating activities. Revenues from tuition are the College’s primary form of financial support, but many other revenue streams play an important role in enabling Plattsburgh to fulfill its mission in a more meaningful way. The source of the revenue determines where the revenue is required to be deposited and managed. There are four entities that have the authority to manage revenue and expenditures on behalf of the College for specific purposes;

  • College
  • Plattsburgh College Foundation
  • SUNY Research Foundation
  • College Auxiliary Services

Third-Party Funding Sources

College revenue sources, which must be deposited and managed by the College consists of the sources below.

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  • Research Foundation for the State University of New York

    Receives and manages all grants & sponsored program revenues associated with local, state, and federal funding agencies. Examples include grants for purchase of equipment, training & fellowship programs/projects and research.
    These are externally restricted funds and must be approved and administered by the Research Foundation.

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College Revenue Sources

Each funding source has its own set of accounting and fiscal controls. Following is a brief description of the primary aspects of each funding source. The fiscal year for each funding source is the same, July 1 through June 30.

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  • State Fund

    Fund into which tuition, state support, interest, and the college fee are deposited for spending as part of Financial Plan submitted to SUNY. Considered the College’s core operating budget. The State Legislature through the State budgetary process appropriates state tax support funds annually. All activity is monitored by the State Comptroller’s Office.


Income Fund Reimbursable Accounts

Accounts Manager Guidance

The following guidance is for SUNY Plattsburgh’s faculty and professional staff whose responsibilities include management of Income Fund Reimbursable (IFR) accounts.

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Third-Party Support and Reimbursement

When a campus-related organization or other external entity provide support to the college for a particular program or purchases, but not for salary.

Reasons for Reimbursement

  • Trip expenditures for Faculty, Staff, Student Travel
  • Reimbursement for a grant or award
  • Reimbursement from an employee for disallowed charges on a state credit card
  • Supplies and equipment

Best Practices

  • Whenever possible, request the third-party pay directly for goods and services
  • If an IFR exists and the external support meets the guidelines for which the IFR was established, use the Agency Fund Request to pay directly

Process Overview

Planned Reimbursement

Unplanned Reimbursement


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