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Purchase Requisitions

Learn when a purchase requisition is required, how to complete it, and steps for reviewing process.

Purchase requisitions are about permission and purchase orders are about buying. Departments complete a purchase requisition and submit it to the purchasing office, who in turn, creates the purchase order which authorizes the payment for the good or service. The key difference between a purchase requisition and a purchase order is their nature.

When To Complete a Purchase Requisition

How to Complete a Purchase Requisition

How to Review a Purchase Requisition

Completing a Purchase Requisition

Submit a purchase requisition to the purchasing office to receive authorization for a departmental purchase that is $5,000 or more or when buying a good or service that is not appropriate for a P-Card, is an agency contract, or has terms and conditions. 

Complete a Purchase Requisition

Additional Considerations When Completing a Purchase Requisition

  • Form

    Purchase Requisition Form

How to Complete a Purchase Requisition


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  • Who is Making the Purchase?

    Requisition: If you need a purchase requisition number, contact the purchasing office.
    Date: Enter date the requisition has been started.
    Account Details: List account number(s) to be charged. Account numbers can be obtained from department heads or other authorized users of the account.
    Sub-object Code: A sub-object code is to be selected from the listing of UNSPSC codes located in the shared Google Drive for purchase requisitions. The sub-object codes are generally grouped into categories as follows:

    • 3,000-series supplies,
    • 4,000-series travel,
    • 5,000-series services,
    • 7,000-series equipment/contractual

    Requisitioner is responsible for finding and providing specific sub-object code on this form.

    Amount: Amount is total cost to be charged to each account number.

    View Sub-object Codes

How to Review a Purchase Requisition

Before approving a purchase requisition, supervisors and other approvers should review the following criteria

Purchase Requisition Review Checklist

  • Basics

    Is the purchase requisition the correct purchasing method?

    If the purchase is under $5,000 and is a P-Card Eligible Purchase and if vendor accepts a P-Card, a P-Card MUST be used. P-Card Eligible purchases under $500, where vendor accepts P-Cards, MUST be made on a P-Card.

    Is the purchase requisition complete?

    Ensure the form is complete. For detailed instructions, please see Completing a Purchase Requisition.

    Learn More About P-Card Eligible Purchases

Purchase Requisition Review Checklist

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