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Employee Out-Of-Pocket Reimbursements


In response to a recent audit regarding reimbursement to employees, the following procedures concerning out of pocket reimbursements are effective immediately.

  1. An original detailed receipt is required for all out of pocket reimbursements. Failure to provide an original receipt will result in non payment.
  2. A justification for the out of pocket purchase is required directly on the purchase requisition and signed by the employee. The justification shall state the reason(s) for not following normal purchasing procedures.
  3. Purchase requisitions for out of pocket reimbursements are to be signed by the employee's supervisor. Therefore, if I am authorized to sign for my department and I make an out of pocket purchase, my supervisor must approve the purchase requisition.

An Authorization to Expedite Purchase form should be utilized when there is an immediate requirement for an item.

State sales taxes are not reimbursable when an employee makes an out of pocket purchase please use a Tax Exemption Certificate. In addition, requests for out of pocket reimbursements are subject to the review and approval of the Purchasing Office.

Questions regarding this memo should be directed to the Purchasing Office.

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