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Environmental Health & Safety

The Environmental Health and Safety department is committed to regulatory compliance, minimizing environmental impacts, preventing occupational injuries, responding to community concerns and overall protecting the well being of each individual on campus.

Our environmental management systems include a cloud-based chemical inventory system, a cloud-based asbestos management program, a tablet-based laboratory, studio and shop inspections program, a server-based accident/incident tracking program and an employee training tracking program.

We also use other Access databases for optimal collection, storage and utilization of fire, recycling, job safety analysis and departmental data. The use of technology helps us make the best use of our resources and keeps us responsive to the ever-changing regulatory climate.



Cathleen Eldridge
Office: Service Building 136C
Phone: 518-564-5051
Email: [email protected]

Catherine Kaleita
Senior EHS Associate
Office: Service Building 136B
Phone: 518-564-3290
Email: [email protected]

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