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Fire Prevention & Safety

 Always remember: If in doubt, evacuate!

Safety, Regulations and Frequently Asked Questions

  • Common Fire Code Violations: What You Need to Know to be Safe

    Common Fire Code Violations: What You Need to Know to be Safe

    Each year there is a fire code inspection here at the SUNY Plattsburgh campus. The attached material is the first in a pictorial series showing fire code violations we are continually being written up for.

    It is each person’s responsibility to maintain compliance in their office. One of the violations with a common occurrence throughout the College is improper use of Power Strips and Extension cords. These cannot be used in place of permanent wiring. Below are a few examples of improper and proper use. If you need a new power strip you can get one at the warehouse with 6 ft. or 12 ft. long cords, an account number is required. All small appliances (ex. Fridges, microwaves) must be plugged directly into an outlet. If there are no outlets left in your office for these items then they need to be removed and you need to submit a work order to see if we can wire the additional outlets or we will ask that the appliances not be used in the future.

    We are developing an awareness that will enable all of us to work together in identifying safety hazards that represent unsafe conditions, and more serious situations that are clearly Fire Code Violations that are present in your specific work site or anywhere on campus.

    I hope this safety awareness initiative will help all of us become better stewards of safety conditions throughout the Campus.

    Tip One: Portable Heaters and Fish Tanks

    Important: Portable heaters and fish tanks must be plugged directly into an outlet.

    Tip Two: How to Use Extension Cords

    Extension cords cannot be plugged into power strips; (Extension cords temporary use!).

    Safe Power Example Un-safe Power Example
    Safe: Power strips must be plugged directly into an outlet. Unsafe: Daisy Chained Power strips are prohibited.

    30 Second Space Heater Safety Video

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