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Financial Stability Plan Guiding Principles

As the College takes steps to ensure a strong future, the budget reduction decisions we make will be aligned with our values and rooted in these guiding principles.

Staying True to our Mission

Aerial View, Mason Hall

  • Reductions should have minimal impact on student success including recruitment/access, retention, persistence, transfer ease and timely completion of degree.
  • SUNY Plattsburgh will continue to place the quality of academic programs as the highest priority.

Essential to our Core

  • The safety and health of students, faculty, staff or visitors and compliance with applicable laws will not be compromised.
  • The ability to perform essential operation or maintenance of the physical plant will be maintained.

Cost Savings and Revenue Enhancement

  • Vertical, not horizontal – reductions will not be across-the- board, but based on a number of factors including community access, impact on student progression, cost/benefit ratio, student demand and program effectiveness.
  • Protect as many jobs as possible.
  • Explore entrepreneurial opportunities; Increase private and grant support.
  • Emphasize cost savings by developing efficiencies or use of technologies to simplify, integrate and streamline our processes.


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  • Budget decisions will be conducted in a deliberate, participatory and transparent manner.
  • Budget decisions will address the immediate, short-term budget issues while ensuring the College emerges in the strongest possible position in the long term.
  • Consult widely with key constituents.
  • SUNY Plattsburgh will provide on-going communication with the campus and constituencies.
  • Final budget authority lies with the President, while recognizing the valuable counsel of the campus VP’s, Deans and Directors and respecting our strong campus tradition of shared governance.
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