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Budget Response Teams

Building on Past Success 

Hawkins Pond during A&F picnic

In its first year, the Budget Response Teams identified initiatives resulting in $90,000 in cost savings. Recognizing that these efforts could benefit from more focus, specialized teams were formed to identify and implement process improvement and efficiencies in the areas of facilities projects, forms, purchasing, travel, and work orders.

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Efficiencies: Facilities Project

As our campus faces new challenges and opportunities, effective facilities project management will allow us to ensure successful results. The team will analyze the current process prior to developing and executing an improved system that includes automation of tasks and transparency of progress.

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Efficiencies: Forms

With over 150 administration and finance forms, finding ways to optimize data entry and data validation has the opportunity to streamline campus processes, increase transparency and implement efficiencies. The team will develop standard templates, evaluate all departmental forms, and explore strategies for further optimization.


Efficiencies: Purchasing

Given the complexities of New York state procurement rules and regulations, the team will focus on educating stakeholders on efficient contracts and purchasing services. Streamlining processes and implementing standard guideline will allow for more effective communication and use by stakeholders. Improved web content and on-going education will reinforce those efforts, as well.

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Efficiencies: Travel

With over $1M spent annually on travel for official state business, improving the current process will significantly impact our campus. The team will review current travel forms and processes with an end goal of increasing efficiencies and providing campus stakeholders with the tools necessary to navigate the complex travel rules and regulations.

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Efficiencies: Work Orders

Focusing on the implementation of new work order software will maximize utilization of benchmark data, assessment of current state of repair, and the level of activity in facilities maintenance. The software will also provide an opportunity to eliminate paper processes and provide near real-time communication with facilities and campus community.

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