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Legal Services

SUNY Plattsburgh receives legal representation from the SUNY Office of General Counsel  (OGC) located at Systems Administration in Albany. The Assistant VP for Administration and Finance serves as the liaison to OGC for legal issues.

Frequently Asked Questions about Legal Services

  • Does SUNY Plattsburgh have legal representation?

    Yes, the SUNY Office of General Counsel ("OGC") provides legal support to our campus through a dedicated campus counsel. We are able to call upon an extensive network of attorneys at OGC to provide the best advice to respond to complex legal issues.

  • What services are provided by OGC?

    OGC offers a wide-range of legal advice to campus leadership on topics ranging from employee relations, student conduct, Title IX and affirmative action, contracts and agreements, intellectual property, real estate, and compliance with federal and state laws and regulations.

    In addition to providing advice, OGC represents the campus in a variety of proceedings such as arbitrations, and works closely with the New York State Attorney General's Office who represents the state in civil and criminal proceedings.

Responding to Legal Requests

This guide provides information on what you should do when you receive various legal requests.

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