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Procurement Card Monthly Review and Audit Process

In an effort to ensure compliance with all Procurement Card policies and procedures, the Accounts Payable Office conducts monthly reviews of selected P-Card transactions. The review is designed to ensure compliance, identify potential non-compliance, and assist users with processing and purchasing improvements.

Selected Areas for Review

  • Cardholder/Reconciler Sign off: Cardholders/reconcilers must sign off on all P-Card transactions (AEPC)
  • Approver Sign-off: Approvers must sign off on all P-Card transactions within each billing cycle, either manually or electronically
  • Use of P-Card for a Restricted Purchase or transaction limits
  • Transaction limits: Use of the P-Card for split ordering to circumvent the transaction limit is not permitted.

Reviews are conducted immediately following the month end statement closing (i.e. when the campus-wide procurement card payment is completed).

Information and Documentation Required

Accounts Payable will request the following information and/or documentation for each transaction reviewed. The request will be accommodated via email:

  • Original request for items or service, for example in some departments an internal authorization to expedite purchase form is completed and forwarded to the departmental cardholder for ordering
  • Justification for Purchase
  • Original Receipt
  • Proof of transaction approval (Example: Departmental manager indicates transaction approval by signing or initialing the invoice OR by electronically completing the Departmental Managers Certification.)

Certification Directions and Quick Reference

Accounts Payable will typically select individual transactions, but randomly will select an entire month of activity for review.

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