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Past Administration and Finance Strategic Plans

Since Fall 2017, the Division of Administration and Finance has created and published strategic plans.  Highlights of our past strategic plans are detailed below.

Past Plan Summaries

2022 Strategic Plan

Read the 2022 Strategic Plan

Read the 2022 Strategic Plan Update and Closeout

2019-2022 Strategic Plan

In Winter 2019, our division met to develop our 2019-2022 Strategic Plan. The majority of the plan's goals were met by September 2021. 

Read the Fall 2021 Strategic Plan Update and Closeout

Strategic Directions

Frequently Asked Questions

Download the 2019–2022 Strategic Plan

Past Strategic Plan

2018-2019 Strategic Plan

  • In Fall 2017, Vice President for Administration and Finance, Josee Larochelle identified the need for a new division-wide strategic plan.
  • To gather information for this plan, a Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) Analysis was conducted in October and November 2017.
  • Results of this analysis identified four strategic directions to improve the division:
    • Communication
    • Efficiencies through technology, space utilization, and use of facilities
    • Morale and Teambuilding
    • Retention and Development of Current Employees
  • A strategic planning retreat was held in February 2018 involving representation from all administration and finance departments. At this retreat, new mission, vision, and values were crafted; teams were identified to review the four areas above; and preliminary work plans were developed.
  • In March and April 2018, the teams met to finalize the work plans and begin implementation of the new goals for 2018-2019.
  • Major goals of this plan include the following:
Strategic Direction: Communication
Goal Number Goal Description Deadline
1 Change name of division to Administration and Finance 6/30/18
2 Share and implement strategic plan across the division and campus 12/31/18
3 Each department will review and update their departmental web pages 12/31/18
4 Establish a consistent “shared message” across the division 12/31/18
5 Align major external communications with industry standards and college branding 12/31/18
Strategic Direction: Cost Savings & Efficiencies
Goal Number Goal Description Deadline
1 Evaluate business systems to create more efficient processes 12/31/18
2 Identify and evaluate all A&F internal and external forms. 12/31/18
3 Implement software to support budget activities and analysis 9/30/18
4 Develop a process for re-using and sharing tangible/physical campus resources 3/31/19
Strategic Direction: Morale & Teambuilding
Goal Number Goal Description Deadline
1 Hold bi-annual division-wide meetings 6/30/19
2 Re-establish annual social picnic 6/30/18
3 Establish Admin & Finance departmental Best Practices Award 3/31/19
4 Establish an annual SERVICE Award for employees 3/31/19
5 Develop and implement a Cardinal Spirit Campaign 6/1/19
Strategic Direction: Retention & Development
Goal Number Goal Description Deadline
1 Develop a plan to retain and develop employees and ensure business continuity 6/30/18
2 Develop a formal on-boarding process for new employees 12/31/18
3 Support staff development with IT training opportunities 9/30/18
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