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2018-2019 Strategic Plan

In Fall 2017, the Division of Administration and Finance began the process of implementing a new strategic plan. Highlights of the 2018-2019 plan are detailed below.

  • In Fall 2017, Vice President for Administration and Finance, Josee Larochelle identified the need for a new division-wide strategic plan.
  • To gather information for this plan, a Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) Analysis was conducted in October and November 2017.
  • Results of this analysis identified four strategic directions to improve the division:
    • Communication
    • Efficiencies through technology, space utilization, and use of facilities
    • Morale and Teambuilding
    • Retention and Development of Current Employees
  • A strategic planning retreat was held in February 2018 involving representation from all Administration and Finance Departments. At this retreat, new mission, vision, and values were crafted; teams were identified to review the four areas above; and preliminary work plans were developed.
  • In March and April 2018, the teams met to finalize the work plans and begin implementation of the new goals for 2018-2019.
  • Major goals of this plan include the following:
Strategic Direction: Communication
Goal Number Goal Description Deadline
1 Change name of division to Administration and Finance 6/30/18
2 Share and implement Strategic Plan across the Division and Campus 12/31/18
3 Each department will review and update their departmental web pages 12/31/18
4 Establish a consistent "Shared Message" across the division 12/31/18
5 Align major external comm. with "industry" standards & College branding 12/31/18
Strategic Direction: Cost Savings & Efficiencies
Goal Number Goal Description Deadline
1 Evaluate business systems to create more efficient processes 12/31/18
2 Identify and evaluate all A&F internal and external forms. 12/31/18
3 Implement software to support budget activities and analysis 9/30/18
4 Develop a process for re-using &sharing tangible/physical campus resources 3/31/19
Strategic Direction: Morale & Teambuilding
Goal Number Goal Description Deadline
1 Hold bi-annual division-wide meetings 6/30/19
2 Re-establish annual social picnic 6/30/18
3 Establish Admin & Finance Departmental Best Practices Award 3/31/19
4 Establish an Annual SERVICE Award for Employees 3/31/19
5 Develop and implement a Cardinal Spirit Campaign 6/1/19
Strategic Direction: Retention & Development
Goal Number Goal Description Deadline
1 Develop a plan to retain & develop employees & ensure business continuity 6/30/18
2 Develop a formal on-boarding process for new employees 12/31/18
3 Support staff development with IT Training opportunities 9/30/18
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