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Capital Planning & Construction Office

Responsible for the planning and implementation of design and construction of capital projects on campus. Our office serves as the direct liaison with outside agencies such as the State University Construction Fund, the Dormitory Authority, NYS Department of Labor and NYS Division of Budget for these capital construction projects. We oversee all the physical work of the capital construction carried out on campus and provides the necessary coordination and notifications with the college students and staff.

Most major projects — over $2 million — are handled by the State University Construction Fund (SUCF). These complex, large-scale projects range from program studies to building rehabs to new buildings. SUCF is responsible for hiring the architects, engineers, and specialty consultants, and for the issuance and award of construction contracts. We are deeply involved in all phases and aspects of these projects. We represent the college’s interests, coordinate design and construction with campus activities, review all contract documents and monitor all construction activities.

In some instances, especially residence hall projects, we oversee all aspects of programming, design and construction. These types of projects require our commitment and offer more flexibility in design, scheduling and construction.

Who We Are

Tom LaValley

Construction Site Representative
Phone: 518-564-5047
Email: [email protected]

Rick Larche

Capital Project Manager
Phone: 518-564-5097
Email: [email protected]

Contact Rick about:

  • Capital projects
  • Construction projects — academic

Jeff Bittner

Capital Program Manager
Phone: 518-320-1775
Email: [email protected]

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