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Accounts Payable Office

Our helpful and knowledgeable staff are here to assist you with questions you may have about payments to vendors or employee travel.

Avis Foster, Supervisor

Avis FosterOffice: 705 Kehoe
Phone: 518-564-3122
Email: [email protected]

Contact Avis regarding:

  • Oversight and Management of Office Operations
  • Policy and Procedures
  • Certify and Review Payments
  • Campus Resource Consultant
  • Implement SUNY, NYS and Plattsburgh State Procedures

Kristin Short, Office Assistant 2

Kristin ShortOffice: 704 Kehoe
Phone: 518-564-3604
Email: [email protected]

Contact Kristin regarding:


Tina Sperle, Office Assistant

placeholder imageOffice: 706 Kehoe
Phone: 518-564-3606
Email: [email protected]

Contact Tina regarding:

  • Accounts Payable Reception
  • Procurement Card Reviewer
  • Verification of Invoices and Receiving Documents
  • Review and Request of Certified Payrolls
  • Coordinate and Distribute Correspondence

Kirstin Lagree, Office Assistant 2

placeholder imageOffice: 704 Kehoe
Phone: 518-564-3605
Email: [email protected]

Contact Kirstin regarding:

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