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We strive to support the educational mission of the college through the effective management of the college’s financial, human and physical resources.
Administration and Finance Strategic Plan

Our Experts

We are comprised of a multitude of departments and programs dedicated to service.


Our Structure

We understand how important to know our division’s reporting structure. We encourage you to view our organizational charts to learn more.

Downloadable and printable versions are available upon request. Please email Anika Fullum at [email protected]

Organizational Structure


A&F Divisional Communication

All planned administration and finance mass emails must be reviewed by the vice president prior to sending. A template has been developed to expedite the approval process to ensure all relevant information is shared.

Administration and Finance Communication Request Instructions


  1. Go to File, and “Make a Copy” of this form, select “Share it with the same people”, and rename the copy, making sure to include “A&F Comm Request” in the title. For example, A&F Comm Request — Financial Aid December.
  2. Complete the BOLD information in the request document and add your communication to #7.
  3. Share to Anika Fullum.


Communication and information sharing empowers employees, fosters engagement and leads to problem solving. Open communication allows altering viewpoints and concerns to be shared and addressed in a healthy manner and builds trust in the workplace. The following resources are provided to our teams to ensure that we maintain our communication standards.

Communication Guide

Charged with improving how we share information across the division and amongst ourselves, the administration and finance strategic plan’s Communication Team assembled the following resources. Content was chosen based on current campus policies and industry best practices. Our aim is that this guide will be a resource to you as you strive to improve your communication personally, departmentally and campus wide.

Administration and Finance Communication Guide


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