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Departmental Printing, Scanning and Photocopying & Faxing

LITS maintains a fleet of campus copiers and printers that are used by all offices to perform copying, printing and scanning.

End users print from campus owned computers to either “Virtual B/W” or “Virtual Color” print queues listed in printer control panel.  Jobs are securely held and require a Login with campus netid and password or “printer pin code” to retrieve and print. Papercut “Follow-me” printing allows users to release their jobs at any papercut enabled copier.

All copiers are configured with standard “scan to email”. Some are configured with other buttons that allow scanning into Electronic records system or Inspironscan Test Scoring system.


  • How to Request this Service
    • Campus computers are pre-configured to print to 4 different copier queues:
      o Virtual B/W - Pickup B/W print job on any Kyocera copier
      o Virtual Color - Pickup Color print job at any Kyocera color copier
      o Psu Copier B/W - Pickup B/W print job on any Konica Minolta copier
      o Psu Copier Color - Pickup Color print job at any Konica Minolta color copier
    • Customers can request to be connected to specific Departmental printers by emailing or calling the helpdesk
    • Campus computers are connected, by default, to campus copiers
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