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Classroom and Lab Software Installation Request

Request that software be installed in our main lab or specific classrooms or both.


  • How to Request this Service
    1. Please start the process by emailing [email protected] and describing your request.   Please detail software title, version, platform (Mac. Windows, etc.), number of copies, locations for installations, and date needed.
    2. Allow ample lead time for your request. Requests must be submitted two weeks in advance for classrooms; one month in advance for labs.
    3. All requests are subject to verification and approval by the LITS Classroom and Customer Support Services (CCSS) Unit. Submission of request does not imply approval.
    4. Once your request has been reviewed, a staff member will contact you to arrange for the actual installation.

    Please note that even after the request has been reviewed, the following must be provided:

    1. A fully functional copy of the software with all documentation/manuals must be provided to CCSS.
    2. Proof of license sufficient for the request must be provided..

    Please be aware that compatibility limitations/restrictions may prevent the installation of software.

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