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Create or Modify A Job Schedule

For the purpose of creating a new or modifying an existing job schedule which will automatically process/report information from Banner and Argos, with results automatically being distributed.


  • How to Request this Service

    Please email the CIS at [email protected] or call them at (518) 564-3013.  Please be include the following/answer these questions:

    • Identification information: Campus NetID or Banner ID, first and last name, department and name of supervisor or supervisor’s designee.
    • Functional area: Admissions, Alumni, Finance, Financial Aid, Housing, Human Resources, Institutional Effectiveness, Registrar, Student Accounts, etc.
    • Is this a new job schedule or existing one?
    • If existing job schedule, then identify
    • Name or function of job
    • Whether scheduled in Argos, Enterprise Schedule or Banner GYOJOBS
    • Turning job schedule on or off
    • Output handling:  should the report(s) be emailed and/or printed?
    • Summary specifics about the request.  For example, setting or changing the frequency of the job schedule, specific parameters like term codes, start/end dates, …
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