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Create, Modify, or Delete a Desktop Banner Account

Create a new desktop Banner (INB) account thereby enabling access to applicable student information, administrative data and/or campus work requests.  You may also request that certain attributes be adjusted or that the entire account be removed.


  • How to Request this Service

    Please email the CIS at [email protected] or call them at (518) 564-3013.  Please be include the following/answer these questions:

    • Provide identification information - Campus NetID or Banner ID, first and last name, department and name of supervisor or supervisor’s designee.
    • Whenever possible, identify who the account may be mirrored after (ie: grant same access as John Doe)
    • Is Banner account for Faculty/Staff, Department Chair, Dept Chair
    • Support Staff or Student employee?
    • Include employment effective date.  For student employees, also provide beginning and ending terms they will require access.
    • Standard course of action is to create accounts only within the production (PROD) database.  If, however, the requestor also requires the development (DEVL) database be altered, they must specifically state so.
    • Does individual require access to ImageNow?  What group membership(s) should be assigned?
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