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Diversity Statement

Diversity & Student Success

LITS is committed to the belief that student success matters and student learning matters. We have a broad set of responsibilities and opportunities related to issues of diversity as they impact student success. To meet them effectively, we:

  • collect and provide access to a balanced, unbiased, inclusive set of print and electronic library resources, promote Banned Books week, keep our displays and exhibits inclusive, and teach information literacy and research skills so that students/faculty/staff/ and community members can create knowledge and seek out facts and truths;
  • provide diversity education, promote work habits that reward team-building, and require cross-cultural sensitivity as part of our student career development program;
  • promote inclusive pedagogies and universal accessibility on our web pages, in our instructional design support, and in all the technologies we purchase, program code for, and recommend for faculty and administrative use;
  • maintain an accurate archive of the college’s history and provide access to the history of our region so that students/faculty/staff/ and community members have a resource for knowing the past and building on that knowledge for a better future;
  • design and build classroom, lab, and library instructional and study spaces that work for diverse populations, accommodate persons with disabilities, and are welcoming, functional, and as easy to use as we can possibly make them;
  • search for, hire, and support faculty, staff, and students with a wide variety of personal and experiential characteristics, accommodating differences in sexual orientation, race and ethnicity, gender, social class, urban/rural /international experiences, and physical ability as best we can.

Share Your Thoughts

To add your ideas or express a concern, please contact the LITS Dean’s Office at 518-564-5180 or email Dean Holly Heller-Ross at [email protected] at any time.

The LITS diversity statement and efforts directly support the SUNY Plattsburgh Diversity Plan.

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