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Special Parking Privileges

Special parking privileges are available to individuals that meet specific qualifying requirements upon the filing of a Parking Registration Form with University Police or an applicable authorized agent.

Reserved Parking Privileges

Reserved for Handicap

Handicap (HC) parking is available to persons with disabling conditions that meet specific requirements: 

  • A properly registered vehicle shall display a campus permit, plus a handicap placard/plate.
  • A properly registered vehicle shall, in lieu of a campus permit, display a temporary handicap tag issued by UPD upon proof of disabling condition from doctor with term described.

Reserved for Resident Director

A Resident Director (RD) earns the privilege to park in a designated RESERVED FOR RESIDENT DIRECTOR space when the following conditions are met:

  • Register vehicle in MyPlattsburgh prior to parking on campus. Note: Failure to register a vehicle invalidates the RD parking privilege.
  • To register: click STUDENT SERVICES tab, then AUTOMOBILE PARKING REGISTRATION; and add a new vehicle or update vehicles on file.
    Note: The system does not allow for a new vehicle to be added under an existing plate number. Email details to [email protected].
  • Pay a $30 parking registration fee by confirming enrollment on student bill, fee included. Note: As part of the RD privileges, a $78 parking fee is waived each semester.
  • Ensure that the Housing Office submits RD's name and residence to [email protected].
  • Pick up hang tag from UPD within 48 hours of notification, and properly display it as instructed in the Hang Tag Guidelines. Note: UPD discourages tag sharing due to the potential liability imposed upon the tag owner for associated parking fines and towing fees.
  • Comply with campus Traffic and Parking Regulations to avoid losing RD privilege; report unauthorized vehicles parked in RD space to UPD at 518-564-2022.

Reserved for Service Vehicle

Service areas are restricted to authorized service vehicles (SVC) when a state vehicle bears visible SUNY identification, or when a personal vehicle qualifies as a service vehicle for business purposes upon request by the department chair/supervisor to [email protected]. 

Parking Waivers

Veteran Parking Waiver

A veteran student (VETSTU) or employee (VETFAC) qualifies for a parking waiver upon proof of honorable discharge (DD-214) to [email protected]. Active student, or employment, status must be renewed each August.

Volunteer Parking Waiver

A certified volunteer (VOLUN) or docent (DOCENT) qualifies for a parking waiver upon proof of volunteer certification from Human Resources to [email protected]. Volunteer status must be renewed each January.

Other Parking Privileges

Graduate Assistants Authorization for Faculty/Staff Parking

A Graduate Assistant (GA) has the option to obtain an employee hang tag upon proof of GA status to [email protected] and payment of student parking fees.


Emeriti may obtain faculty tag from UPD upon payment of applicable faculty/staff parking fees to Student Accounts.

Other Students (CCC, etc)

Parking for other students – Clinton Community College, PHS, etc. — is conditional:

  • Full student parking privileges requires payment of the student parking fees at Student Accounts.
  • Limited short-term parking privileges are available after business hours only.

Event Parking

Parking for large public events is free in designated lots. Events of 10+ invited guests requires special group parking in designated lots. Request a bulk permit from [email protected], and include event name, date/time, location, and total spaces needed; or obtain day passes for fewer than 10 guests with names and plate numbers.


Parking for gym member is available to a spouse/partner upon payment of applicable parking fees to Student Accounts.

Third-Party & Affiliate Organizations

Third-party and Affiliate Organizations receive faculty/staff parking authorization from UPD upon request from an authorized agent and payment of applicable third-party parking fees (OPR and OPK) to Student Accounts.

Vendor Parking

Vendors receive free parking from UPD, or an authorized agent (for contractors), to park in designated areas, upon proof of business affiliation with the campus, according to the Vendor Guidelines for Doing Business on Campus.

Visitor Parking

  • Short-term Parking (48 hours or less; 72 hours on weekends): Visitors shall obtain day passes for parking on campus, except in open lots at the Field House or in time restricted spaces. Lots 27/28 (off Park/Sanborn Ave) offer best available visitor parking. Obtain day pass from UPD, Health Center; Student Accounts, Kehoe 101; or an authorized agent, where applicable.
  • Long-term Parking (exceeding 48 hours): is conditional upon approval from Housing, or Department Chair, and payment of applicable parking fees. Register vehicle with UPD Parking Office, and where applicable, obtain authorization by Housing Office (for students) or Department Chair (for department guests). Effective January 2018, long-term visitors will be required to pay a parking registration fee. Temporary hires (working less than 30 days) are considered long-term visitors.
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