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Parking Hang Tags

All vehicles parked on campus must be authorized to do so. All vehicles parked on campus must display evidence of this authorization through the use of a University Police-approved parking hang tag. Failure to do so could result in parking violations.

Lost or Stolen Hang Tag

Report a lost or stolen parking hang tag to University Police immediately. As the registrant, you are responsible for all tickets tied to the tag until the date/time it is reported lost or stolen and an affidavit is filled out.

If a reported lost/stolen hang tag is later found in an unregistered vehicle, it is grounds for immediate removal of the unauthorized vehicle from the campus premises. Do NOT loan your hang tag to another individual for this reason.

UPD is located in the Health Center Building (B37). Find on our campus map.

Instructions for Obtaining a Replacement Hang Tag

  1. Go to Student Accounts, 101 Kehoe, and pay a $30 parking replacement fee.
  2. Download and fill out the top portion of the Lost-Stolen Parking affidavit.
  3. Bring receipt and affidavit to UPD for signature and processing of a new parking permit.
  4. Download Lost-Stolen Hang Tag Affidavit (Note: this file requires the latest version of Acrobat Reader, which is available as a free download)

Hang Tag Guidelines

  • Valid Dates
    Hang tags are valid, upon receipt, through the tag expiration date or date of separation from the college, whichever is sooner. Student tags expire at the end of May; faculty/staff tags expire at the end of September; vendor and volunteer tags expire at the end of December; visitor tags expire as prescribed on the tag, not to exceed the last day in December, whichever is sooner.
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