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FAQs About Parking and Vehicle Registration

General Questions

“When does University Police stop ticketing?”

Answer: UPD tickets 24/7/365. It is a misconceived notion that UPD officers do not ticket in summer and after business hours.

“I cannot find parking close to my destination.”

Answer: The college does not guarantee parking close to one’s intended destination. It does, however, manage the ratio of parking spaces to purchased hang tags.

“I forgot my hang tag in my other registered vehicle…now what?”

Answer: A registrant may obtain a day pass (for a maximum term of 48 hours) to retrieve a misplaced hang tag; or file a lost/stolen affidavit with UPD, Health Center; and pay a $30 replacement fee to Student Accounts, Kehoe 101.

“I got a ticket…now what?”

Answer: The back of the ticket discloses payment and/or appeal instructions. Fines are payable to:

101 Kehoe
101 Broad Street, Plattsburgh, NY 12901.

Appeals must be filed within 5 business days from receipt of the citation with: UPD, 101 BROAD ST (HEALTH CTR), PLATTSBURGH, NY 12901

“Can you get rid of my ticket?”

Answer:It is a violation of ethics, and grounds for dismissal, for anyone other than the Appeals Board to dismiss a citation; except when a violation is a first offense for ‘no permit visible’ or ‘permit expired’, or when there is a ticket writer error.

Parking Safety

Parking Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Awareness is the key to improving common parking issues:

Parking, or stopping, on Rugar Street is prohibited by the City of Plattsburgh. It obstructs oncoming vehicular traffic, as well as, bike lane and crosswalk traffic.

Parking, or stopping, on other campus roadways, including, but not limited to, Tower Way, Kehoe Roadway (between Broad and Rugar Streets), is prohibited due to roadway limitations.

Parking on unpaved roadways, walkways, grass, podium, and other restricted areas, is prohibited, unless authorized. These areas include, but are not limited to, unpaved roadways (behind the Field House, and leading to the college pond), the podium (between the library and Kehoe Administration), in front of dumpsters, in any grassy area, etc.

Handicap areas are restricted for use by persons with disabling conditions only.
Bus Stop is restricted for use by manned buses and transport vehicles to safely load and unload individuals.

Food vendor deliveries made to residence halls shall be limited to building entrances. Delivery vehicle parking is restricted to building loading zones, authorized cutouts, or, where applicable, from designated lots.

Deliveries to Campus Express  from the cutout in front of the Angell College Center is restricted for use by delivery vehicles when making deliveries to Campus Express. It is not for deliveries to other central campus destinations. Short-term parking is available in front of the campus store (located directly across the street) that allows parking, without a permit, for a maximum 30 minute term.

20-Min Cut Outs, including, but not limited to, cut outs at Rugar Street (Memorial Hall and Tower Way), Draper Avenue (Ward Hall), and Sanborn Avenue (Service Building), allow temporary parking, according to the posted terms. Food deliveries should be made to residence halls from these locations.

Loading Zones are restricted to deliveries only (flashers required) for a maximum term of 20 minutes, unless posted otherwise.


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