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Learn From Nature

Twin Valleys Outdoor Education Center is the perfect backdrop for college instructional programs and a variety of recreational events.

Twin Valleys

Twin Valleys Outdoor Education Center is owned and operated by College Auxiliary Services on behalf of SUNY Plattsburgh. This beautiful property provides a unique opportunity for hands-on learning in the heart of the Adirondacks.

About Twin Valleys

Since 1945, Twin Valleys has served SUNY Plattsburgh through applied learning opportunities, instructional programs and as the host of many student activities. This beautiful and peaceful camp offers 662 acres of Adirondack woodland and 10 miles of hiking trails. You can also enjoy a two-acre pond, fire pits, volleyball and other outdoor activities.

  • Main Lodge — The two-story lodge was built in 1955 and offers a large kitchen and great room with a fireplace and a seating capacity of 50. The lodge has heat, electricity, wifi and bathrooms with shower facilities. Additionally, there are two bunk rooms that sleep 26.
  • Cabins — Built between 1956–1962, Twin Valleys has twelve one-room cabins along the shore of our pond. Each cabin can accommodate up to six people. Cabins have electricity, but do not have bathrooms.
  • Classrooms — Two classroom buildings were built between 1956–1962 and offer three labs and storage areas.
  • Trails — The grounds contain about ten miles of trails, a lean-to and fire pits.

Twin Valleys is for everyone who loves the Adirondacks. We invite you to go for a hike, bird watch, pitch a tent, play volleyball or stargaze. Here, you can connect with nature.

Reserving Twin Valleys

We invite all SUNY Plattsburgh campus community members to Twin Valleys! Whether you visit as part of a class, service project or student organization activity, we know you will love your time here. We can also host your next team-building retreat or organizational event. We welcome all groups interested in Twin Valleys that have an educational component to their stay. Catering is available.

For inquiries, please email us at [email protected]


Twin Valleys is located about 40 miles south of the SUNY Plattsburgh campus between Lewis and Westport, N.Y. Take I-87 to 95 Twin Valley Lane, Westport, N.Y. 12993.

Twin Valleys provided me my first serious dark sky experience. I did much more than see the Adirondack sky; I experienced it...I got to learn the sky on its own terms and how it related to the Earth...By my third summer I was starting on my life’s most ambitious adventure — my search for comets. Twin Valleys can give any person the experience I had...It is a place from which someone can experience the Adirondack Wild at work. Twin Valleys will not teach you the diameter of an owl’s head, but it will let you experience how the owl interacts with the land and with other life forms. At Twin Valleys, nature itself is the great teacher.
David H. Levy

David H. Levy of the Jarnac Observatory, Inc. in Vail, Arizona, is the former Science Editor for Parade Magazine, author and editor of numerous books and discoverer of over 21 comets to date. He attended Twin Valleys Science Camp for three summers beginning in 1964. 


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