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Frequently Asked Questions About Diversity at SUNY Plattsburgh

What is the purpose of a Center for Diversity, Pluralism, and Inclusion?

Answer: Assisting in the education of all of its constituents (students, faculty, staff and external community); educating, and eradicating xenophobia; and centering all of its efforts in community building.

Is diversity only for people of color?

Answer: Yes, because all people have color! When diversity initiatives only address the realities of one group, then they become exclusionary and limiting. We need all people understanding that no one awakens truly understanding everyone else's reality. A true understanding of other peoples reality is only arrived at through conversation and interaction.

What is the message we most want visitors to this website to take with them?

Answer: That diversity involves everyone, diversity is broadly conceived and multifaceted, and that CDPI is passionate in recruiting representatives from diverse experiences to contribute to the conversations on diversity.

Is there anything else I need to know about CDPI?

Answer: Yes, a great deal. That is why you need to take a look at our other pages and check us out!

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