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Diversity Task Force

The DTF is directly concerned with the promotion and implementation of diversity and inclusion at SUNY Plattsburgh, acting to support the mission statement of the Center for Diversity, Pluralism and Inclusion.

The Eyes and Ears of Diversity on Campus and in the Community

Diversity Task Force

The Diversity Task Force is an engaged group of SUNY Plattsburgh faculty, staff, students and community leaders in the development of the vision of diversity at SUNY Plattsburgh.

This group helps to:

  • Evaluate and investigate SUNY Plattsburgh's diversity efforts
  • Offer recommendations to Provost/President/College Council

The Diversity Task Force is comprised of approximately 22 individuals who provide a broad perspective on SUNY Plattsburgh. Members of the DTF represents various and diverse perspectives. These students, staff, faculty, and community members take an active role in:

  • Providing input to CDPI from their relative perspectives
  • Contribution to CDPI programming initiatives as well as other SUNY Plattsburgh diversity initiatives
  • Annual assessments of diversity efforts at SUNY Plattsburgh
  • Structural development and input into the Diversity Newsletter
  • Participation in the Subcommittees on Curriculum Inclusion and Disability
  • Development of recommendations to the Provost and President regarding diversity initiatives that require more support than CDPI can provide

Diversity Task Force Membership


  • Faculty
    • Anne Bongiorno - Nursing
    • Ray Carman - Political Science
    • Jill Folsom - Nursing
    • Jerry Isaak - Expeditionary Studies
    • Daniel Lake - Political Science
    • Heidi Schnackenberg - Education
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