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ITRC Policies

The Instructional Technology Resource Center is a shared facility, and, as such, we've got a nest of policies that are calculated to keep the facility in good running order. If you're planning a visit to the ITRC, please take the time to review these policies.

  1. The ITRC is accessible during regular library hours to all Faculty and Professional Staff at Plattsburgh State University of New York: a key to the room may be signed out at the main circulation desk.
  2. Students are permitted entry to the ITRC only in the company of sponsoring faculty/staff, and only one student may accompany an instructor. 
  3. ITRC visitors may store files, for short periods, on the D: drive of the ITRC computers. All user files should be stored in folders reflecting the owner's name, and these files should be removed from the ITRC computers when they are are no longer required; users should also take care not to inadvertently remove files created by others.
  4. ITRC users should take care to adhere to Copyright and Fair Use provisions when scanning images and/or digitizing audio and video.
  5. The ITRC should not be used as a printing facility. Please do not print multiple copies of documents. Transparency paper or other special papers must be provided by the users who require them.
  6. Users should not install or uninstall software (including demonstration versions of software) on ITRC computers.  Please contact Peter Friesen, Instructional Technology Coordinator, if you would like to see a particular software title installed in the ITRC.
  7. Any user changes made to the default settings of hardware devices (displays, scanners, video capture devices) should be reset before the user leaves the station.
  8. Although periodic workshops may take place in the ITRC, the facility is not a teaching classroom and cannot be scheduled as a regular teaching classroom.
  9. The ITRC should not be used for commercial purposes.
  10. ITRC equipment, software, or manuals should not leave the room.

Contact Information

For more information about Instructional Technology, please contact:

Peter Friesen, Instructional Technology Specialist
Feinberg Library, Room 317
Phone: (518) 564-2446