PowerPoint: Creating a Title Slide

Illustration of 'Title Slide' Icon Title Slide

For your first slide, you should select the Title Slide option, the first option in the upper left of the New Slide dialog window.

Once you have done so, click the OK button, and you will instantly see on the right half of the screen, a representation of a blank slide with a pair of prompts directing you to "Click to add title" and "Click to add subtitle." 

Illustration of PowerPoint's default Slide View

Clicking on the first of these prompts allows you to type the title of your presentation; not surprisingly, clicking on the second of the prompts allows you to add a subtitle.

As you add information to your slide, it appears both in the selected slide area and also in the smaller presentation outline view on the left side of the screen.

Tip : Unless you urgently need a subtitle, it's a good idea to fill the subtitle area with your name and/or the date of the presentation.

Once you've finished your title slide, you should have information in both the main title area and in the sub-title area.