PowerPoint: Working with Organizational Charts

Illustration of 'Organization Chart' Slide Icon Organizational Chart Slide

The organizational chart slide allows you to present a view of a hierarchical structure--it needn't be a corporate organizational structure, and could be anything from a family-tree, to a visual representation of related skills, to a representation of the inter-relationships between species.

As with most PowerPoint slides, there is a standard title field that should be filled in, identifying the subject matter of the slide.

View of an Organization Chart slide with the title filled in

Subsequently, a double-click on the organizational chart area will introduce the organization chart tool:

Illustration of Organization Chart tool

This, like PowerPoint itself, fairly directly prompts you for the information to be supplied. To remove a field that is not going to be used, select it and press the Delete key on the keyboard; to add a branch to the organizational chart, click on the branch type on the toolbar, and then click on the item it is to branch away from.

Finally, when your chart is completed, click on the menu item File|Update Presentation , and then select File|Close and return to PowerPoint .

Your organizational chart will have been transferred to your presentation.

Illustration of a Completed PowerPoint Organization Chart

To further edit it at a later occasion, double-click on the organizational chart object to reintroduce the organizational chart tool.

To resize your chart on your page, you can, as with the table object, click and drag on one of the sizing handles that appear on the perimeter of the selected organizational chart object.