Faculty and Research Web Sites

Faculty Web Sites

Plattsburgh State encourages its faculty, staff, and professionals to maintain personal web sites on the web server at http://faculty.plattsburgh.edu . On this server, the college's employees can find a space to post not only course materials but also information about initiatives and personal items which can serve to build a diverse and interesting online community.

Research Web Sites

Plattsburgh State's faculty who are engaged in research are encouraged to post outlines and research results to the research web server at http://research.plattsburgh.edu/   On this server, the index provides not just a listing of the site names, but also of the site owners, research collaborators, funding sources, and research abstracts. If you're doing interesting research that would benefit from a web presence, the research server is the place to share it.

Getting a Site

Web sites on the faculty server are available to all college employees, and while the sites must adhere to a few policies , the content and copyright for those web pages belongs entirely to the employees who created them. If you're an employee of Plattsburgh State and would like a web site on the faculty server, please refer to the Requesting a Faculty or Research Web Site  page.

Once a website has been created, it is listed (or not) at the request of its creator (see Listing Your PSU Faculty Web Site ).

The faculty web server is administered by the Instructional Technology unit of the Division of Library and Information Services.

Contact Information

For more information about Instructional Technology, please contact:

Peter Friesen, Instructional Technology Specialist
Feinberg Library, Room 317
Phone: (518) 564-2446
Email: peter.friesen@plattsburgh.edu