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Exam Scoring Service for faculty

Exam scoring information

Completed exams should be submitted to Computer Information Systems (Kehoe 503). Instructors must submit a Key(s) with correct responses filled in with a No.2 pencil

The Identification Number and Name should be blank on the Key. If part scores are desired, the instructor should submit a different key for each section.

Only one response per question is allowed.  If a question is to be omitted, the key should be left blank for that particular question(s). If the question is ambiguous and the Instructor wishes to accept any response as being correct, all five bubbles should be colored in.

Students are required to complete the Identification Number field.  Exams cannot be scored without this information.

Identification Numbers must be: 

  •     Between 2-10 digits
  •     Left justified
  •     Unique for each student

Students should be discouraged from using Social Security Numbers. Banner ID numbers and Phone Numbers are commonly used.


Exams are scored using an OpScan6 Model 36 Dual Read Scanner and reports are created using Exam System II Software. Reports may be selected and sorted in a variety of ways.  The reports include important test statistics for the test group such as standard deviation, average score, median score, high score, low score and the number of respondents.

The Exam System II product generates the following reports:

Individual Test Results - This report lists raw scores, percentages and percentile for each individual taking the selected tests.  Up to 10 subtests (keys) may be included in the report.  Respondents can be listed alphabetically by name, alphanumerically by ID, from highest to lowest score, or in the order in which their exam was entered into the system.  Names can be omitted from the report if an instructor wishes to post grades by identification number.  Mastery of each subtest (key) can be included in the report.

Individual Item Response Report - This report is a record of the responses each student made to every test question on the selected test or subtests (keys).  An answer key at the top of the report is followed by the test responses selected by each respondent and each respondent’s score.  Respondents can be listed alphabetically by name, alphanumerically by ID, from highest to lowest score, or in the order in which their exam was entered into the system.

Item Analysis Report - This report provides an analysis of how the test population answered each test question.  It displays the responses (1-5) to each test question, the number of responses in the upper and lower quarters and total population, and the total percentages of responses for each answer.  The Discrimination Index and Difficulty Factor for each response are listed as well as the Kuder Richardson 20 and Kuder Richardson 21 values for the entire test. 

Absolute Frequency Distribution Report - This report provides a graphic representation of the number of respondents that achieved each score for a test or subtest (key).  The report lists each test score, how many respondents achieved that score (frequency), the local percentile for each score and a graph showing a set of asterisks each representing one respondent. 

Test Score Distribution Report - This report provides a comparison of raw scores and percentages against standard Z-Scores, T-Scores and stanines. 

Report Guides

Report Guides are available upon request.  There are many options available for reporting.  Please contact the operator with special requests. If an operator is available exams are ready for pickup in one hour.

Tips for Using Optical Scanning Forms

  • All responses must be filled in using No.2 black lead pencil 
  • All corrections should be erased cleanly
  • There should be no stray marks on the form
  • Only one response is permitted per question
  • Forms must be submitted with all facing the same direction and no other forms mixed in
  • The Identification Number field is required for scoring 

Contact Information

For more information about Computer and Information Systems, please contact:

Tom Higgins, Programming Manager
SUNY Plattsburgh
101 Broad St., Plattsburgh, NY 12901
KEHOE 0509
(518) 564-3013