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Co-Ed Ultimate Frisbee Sports Club

Photo of a frisbee gameOperating Guidelines

The Co-Ed Ultimate Frisbee club competes in the Ultimate Players Association collegiate tournaments scheduled within 300 miles. The Ultimate Player Association provides a schedule of sanctioned tournaments and contact information. Funded by Student Association

Student Leadership

Matt Podraza:


9/7/13 Plattsburgh’s first game of the day was a loss to a tough UVM squad 13-6 which was also followed by a second loss to the eventual tournament champions SUNY Geneso 13-5. However as the day went on Plattsburgh was able to beat Ramapoo College 13-11 followed by another victory against RPI 13-10. Bracket play was also a big success. The first game of the day was a win against RPI 13-8 but it was short lived when SUNY Potsdam beat Plattsburgh 13-9. Overall SUNY Plattsburgh went 3-3, showing signs of improvement through a combination of veteran and rookie play.

10/26/13 During a wet and cold weekend, Plattsburgh Ultimate went 0-5 in the 15th annual U&U tournament in Montreal. The weekend started out with 13-8 loss to Wheaton College. Plattsburgh’s second game of the day was 13-10 loss to Clarkson University. Union College would take the third game 13-6 and the last game of the day was against a tough UNH team which Plattsburgh lost 13-4. The consolation match was against Middlebury College–Plattsburgh lost 13-8.

11/2/13 Plattsburgh started their last tournament of the semester against a tough ESF team, dropping their first of the day 13-9. Next, Plattsburgh faced Nazareth College which they dropped 13-10. For the third game of the day Plattsburgh lost 13-11 to SUNY Oswego and for their last pool play game Plattsburgh lost to Le Moyne 13-12 as well as in the consolation 13-10. It was a tough tournament but Plattsburgh is showing signs of improvement with high hopes from their rookie class.

3/9/14 Plattsburgh’s first tournament of the year started with a loss to the host team Binghamton A 13-9 followed by another loss to SUNY Stony Brook, 15-13. The second game against Ramapoo College was P-Funk's closest match of the weekend 12-11. Our last game against Binghamton B was a crushing 15-6. The consolation game was Plattsburgh's only win of the tournament 15-13, against Clarkson.

4/5 & 4/6/14 PFunk made its first appearance at the Rider University tournament in New Jersey with a tough loss to Stockton X 13-6. Plattsburgh’s next game of the day came against Adelphi with a 13-9 loss. The third game of the day came against Brunswick Ultimate with another close 13-10 loss. Pfunk closed out the day with 13-5 win against SUNY Purchase. Pool play on Sunday was single elimination with SUNY Purchase avenging Saturdays loss with a score of 13-11.

4/26/14 Plattsburgh's first game of the day was an 8-7 universe point win against host Green Mountain College followed by another 8-7 universe point win against Bard College. The last two games did not fare as well though with a 13-7 loss against the Burlington Club Team and a 13-9 loss to SUNY Potsdam. Bracket play was cancelled due to weather.

Rules and Guidelines


Must be a full-time SUNY Plattsburgh student and each member must have a signed SUNY Plattsburgh Sports Club Personal Information Form & SUNY Plattsburgh Participation Agreement/Liability Waiver Form on file to participate each year. (If under 18 years of age, liability form must be signed by parent.)Each member is responsible to carry personal health insurance. Each member will be responsible for the cost of the individual membership in Ultimate Player Association. All members are expected to follow regulations stated in SUNY Plattsburgh Sports Club Program Manual.

PLEASE NOTE: All participants must complete participant information and waiver forms which may be downloaded here. These forms cannot be submitted online but must be completed, printed out, signed, and then submitted to team leaders before one can participate in the program.

Season and Practices

The club will be scheduled from September to November each fall. They will practice M-Th 5:30-dark on the field behind MacDonough tennis courts. Although they will schedule 2-3 tournaments in the spring, there is no practice space available in the spring for this club. No tournaments will be scheduled during college breaks or finals week. Participation in a game requires each member to attend practices the week prior to the game.


Each member will be responsible for purchasing their own jersey as designated by the club.


Four club members will be required to serve as safety officers for club. They will be responsible for the general safety of all club members during practices/tournaments and have valid CPR/First Aid certifications. At least one safety officer must attend all practices and competitions. Safety officers are responsible for attending to injured participant consistent with CPR/FA standards until trained medical personnel have arrived.


Travel arrangements are usually by private cars. The college is not responsible for any damages or injuries related to travel. It is strongly recommended that drivers of personal cars obtain additional insurance. Club members wishing to transport other club members must receive approval prior to traveling. To become an authorized driver, a copy of their driver’s license and the SUNY Plattsburgh Private Vehicle Use form must be submitted to the RSD.  Tournaments: Competition must be within 300 mile radius of Plattsburgh.


Student Association monies may be used for Association dues, entry fees, mileage (up to maximum of 300 miles one way) @ .25 per mile. Individual members will be responsible for Ultimate Player Association individual membership and jerseys if needed.

Student Leadership Responsibilities

Student leaders will meet with the Recreational Sports Director (RSD) for orientation at the start of each semester. A Sports Club Manual, Club & Organization Resource Manual and a copy of the club’s operating guidelines will be reviewed at the orientation. All required forms must be submitted for a member to participate in or drive for the club. SA Club/Organization Semester Registration and Directory forms must be submitted to the RSD each semester.

Student Leaders will:

  1. Not allow a student to participate in a practice or game unless appropriate forms have been submitted.
  2. Allow only those on approved roster from RSD to participate in games.
  3. Take attendance at every practice from approved player roster and determine travel team based on attendance.
  4. Update approved player roster from RSD. (Deleting names of those no longer participating and are not showing up to practices).
  5. Will not allow an injured player to return to practice or a game without a release from qualified medical personnel.
  6. Ensure that all players are SUNY Plattsburgh students (by checking on student locator) and carrying 12 credits.
  7. Only allow players to practice if on approved roster or sign appropriate forms.
  8. Ensure that the club and its members are aware of and follow all rules and regulations set forth by the College and Student Association regarding Clubs.
  9. Attend or designate attendees at any mandatory meetings set forth by the College and the Student Association.
  10. File an accident injury report for any injury that occurs during participation

Treasurer will:

  1. Submit all monies collected to the Recreational Sports Director.
  2. Submit all requests for monies two weeks prior to event.
  3. For all away games, submit the names and addresses of up to five drivers for travel reimbursement (can do by e-mail).

Contact Information

Karen Waterbury, Recreational Sports Associate Director
312 Memorial Hall
101 Broad Street
Plattsburgh NY 12901

Phone: (518) 564-4150
Fax: (518) 564-4155