Apply for Diploma

Diploma Application (Graduation)

Degree candidates need to file a formal Diploma Application Form with the Registrar's Office (Third Floor, Kehoe Administration Building) by Thursday, April 30, 2015 to guarantee their names will be listed in the Winter Commencement Program.

Applications will be accepted after that date, but there is no guarantee that the names will be included if students wait until the last minute to apply.

For more information about diplomas, please contact:

Registrar's Office
Third Floor, Kehoe Administration Building
(518) 564-2100 (phone)
(518) 564-4900 (fax)

Please Note:

Diplomas are mailed to home addresses approximately two to three months after the degree date. Students completing their coursework in May will receive their diplomas in July. Students completing coursework in August will receive diplomas in November. Students completing coursework in December or January will receive their diplomas in February.

Students who participate in Commencement will receive a diploma cover along with a congratulatory letter when they walk across the stage.

Contact Information

For more information about Winter Commencement at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact:

Office of the President
159 Hawkins Hall
(518) 564-2010 (phone)
(518) 564-3932 (fax)