Researching Organizations/Companies/Schools

Before applying for a job, but especially before interviewing, the successful candidate should learn as much as possible about the organization/companies/schools, and the industry/career field.

Employers are interested in candidates who ask intelligent questions and are able to engage in conversations based on what they know about the organization. There are some basic things you should know about a prospective employer. Many excellent print and electronic resources are available.

Basic Things You Should Know About an Organization

  • Size (number of employees and/or students)
  • Various product lines or services
  • Organization structure
  • Year of incorporation
  • Geographic locations
  • Recent items in the news
  • Organization policies & mission
  • Funding sources for nonprofits
  • Key competitors
  • Possible future ventures
  • Whether the organization is privately or publicly owned

Additional Resources

Here are a few websites to get started. Also visit our career library, attend workshops, and meet with a career counselor for more information.


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