SUNY Plattsburgh's E-Mail Policy

Your Electronic Mail Account as an Official Mode of Communication.

SUNY Plattsburgh considers both the United States Postal service and the College's e-mail system official modes of communication. Electronic mail accounts are assigned to all staff and students and have the following formats:

  • Faculty/Staff Addresses -
  • Student Addresses -

The College will consider employees and students to be duly informed and in receipt of notifications and correspondences sent by an any college administrator, staff, or faculty that are delivered to an employee's or a student's college e-mail account.

It is recommended that employees and students frequently access their college assigned e-mail account for official information. Individuals may choose to have their or their e-mail accounts forwarded to an off-campus account.

Such individuals, however, are responsible for managing their disk quota such that there is room for new mail to arrive and for forwarding their Plattsburgh e-mail account to a functioning alternative e-mail address.

The College is not responsible for delivery problems to non-official e-mail accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions About E-mail

Q: What does this policy mean to you?

As of September 16th, 2002, college administrative offices, staff, and faculty will be using the college's e-mail system as an official means of communication with you. This will allow campus offices to share important information more quickly and directly. As such, it will be to your benefit, as well as your responsibility, to check your Plattsburgh e- mail account regularly.

Q: Are there advantages to using my Plattsburgh e-mail account rather than an outside account?

Absolutely. First, your Plattsburgh e-mail account is free. Second, your Plattsburgh e-mail account offers you more storage space than most commercial accounts. And finally, your Plattsburgh e-mail account identifies you as a member of this scholarly community; this is especially useful as you apply for internships, communicate with outside agencies, and search for jobs.

Q: Can I forward my Plattsburgh e-mail account to my preferred e-mail account?

Yes. You may forward your assigned Plattsburgh e-mail account to any e-mail account that you prefer (e.g. Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, etc.). It is easy to do - just follow the directions provided below. However, be sure that you forward your Plattsburgh e-mail account to an e-mail address that you regularly check. And be sure that you enter the correct forwarding e-mail address; the College will not contact you if mail cannot be delivered to your preferred address. Please also note: if you forward your Plattsburgh e-mail account you are responsible for managing the disk quota on your preferred e-mail account so that there is room for new mail to arrive.

Q: How do I forward my Plattsburgh e-mail account to my preferred account?

If you would like your Plattsburgh campus e-mail to be forwarded to another e-mail address, please...

  • Login on the Change Settings page. Login with your Plattsburgh NetID and password. Then choose the option to "Forward your E-mail to Another Address." It will tell you if your mail is currently forward and give you an option to specify a new address.
  • If you do not wish to forward your campus e-mail, you do not need to do anything.

Q: Can I forward my Plattsburgh e-mail to a preferred account at any time?

Yes. You can choose to forward your Plattsburgh e-mail account now or at any time in the future.

Q: What happens if I don't read my Plattsburgh e-mail or my preferred e-mail?

You risk the consequences of missing important datelines and information about registration, financial aid, etc. College offices will hold you responsible for all e-mail communications/notifications sent to you.

Q: Is e-mail the only form of communication there will be between College offices and students?

No, selected information will continue to be sent via regular mail. However, College offices will be using e-mail more frequently as a means of communication, so it is to your benefit to check your e-mail frequently.

Contact Information

For more information about technology at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact:

Phone: (518) 564-4433 / toll-free 1-800-787-8773