Plattsburgh State HIPAA

Plattsburgh State HIPAA - Organization Structure

Project Director and Privacy Officer

  • Jan McDowell

Security Officer

  • Cerise Oberman

HIPAA Privacy Committee

  • Jan McDowell, Convener
  • Nancy Allen, Speech Center
  • Vic Ovalle, Student Health and Psychological Services
  • Jason Pachter, Sports and Wellness
  • Laura Dominianni, Alzheimer's Center
  • Jeanne Ryan, Neuropsychology Clinic and Traumatic Brain Injury Center
  • Stephen Saiz, Counseling Services Center

Security Team

  • John Bradley, Sr Staff Associate - Computing & Media Services
  • Tom Higgins, Programming Manager Computer Information Systems
  • Hap Wheeler, Network Manager
  • Vic Ovalle, Center for Student Health and Psychological Services
  • Bernie Grabczweski, Sr Staff Associate - Network Operations