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Computer & Media Services (CMS) Vehicle Use Policy

A “CMS Vehicle”, as defined by this policy, is any motorized vehicle owned, leased, rented, or borrowed by CMS for official use. Conditions set forth in this policy may be superseded by existing SUNY or New York State policies.

Basic Usage
  • All designated drivers of CMS vehicles must:
    • have valid U.S. driver’s licenses;
    • be a CMS employee;
    • have been cleared via the LENS program;
    • obey all applicable vehicle and traffic regulations.
  • CMS Vehicles are for official college use only. Personal use of State CMS Vehicles is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Commuting between an employee's home and office unless this is incidental to other official use of the vehicle.
    • Traveling on nights, holidays, and weekends unless this is incidental to other official use of the vehicle.
    • The transportation of equipment, material, and passengers not directly associated with official business.
  • CMS Vehicles may not be loaned out for use by other units or individuals without written permission from the Coordinator of Computing & Media Services.
  • CMS Vehicles may not be used to transport individuals other than CMS employees without written permission from the Coordinator of Computing & Media Services.
  • Cell phone or radio use is prohibited by drivers while operating a CMS vehicle. All calls should be handled while the vehicle is parked.
  • When not in use, CMS Vehicles should be parked in their reserved spots.
  • No CMS Vehicle should be left unattended, while the engine is running or while keys are in the ignition per New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law Section 1210.
Fuel and Maintenance
  • For Gas Powered Vehicles
    • Only staff trained in the use of the campus fuel system should fuel the vehicle
    • If a vehicle must be fueled off-campus, the driver should promptly present all receipts to the CMS secretary.
  • For Electric Vehicles
    • Vehicles should be connected to designated outlets or cords
    • Care should be taken to avoid placing charging cords in such a manner as to cause hazards to pedestrian traffic or other safety issues.
  • Driver’s or passenger’s who note any need for maintenance (worn wipers, low fluids, etc.) should report such issues to their supervisor’s immediately, who will in turn, contact the designate maintenance contact for the vehicle.
Damage, Loss, or Theft
Driver’s or passenger’s who note, witness, or otherwise become aware of any damage, loss, or theft (keys, cargo, etc.) should report such issues immediately to their supervisor. In cases where personal safety is an immediate concern, one should contact University Police or call 911 if appropriate.

Contact Information

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