AAS Courses

AAS103 - Roots and Culture: The African-American Experience (3 cr.)

An introductory survey course that will provide students with an understanding of continuity and change within the African-American experience. Students will explore key political and cultural events and ideas within the framework of American history. Class, gender, caste, and sexual orientation issues are integrated throughout the course work. (Fall/Spring). Liberal arts.

AAS201 - African-American Family Culture (3 cr.)

This course represents an historical examination of the evolution of the African-American family. The course begins with an examination of slavery and its impact of the African-American family and ends with a discussion of contemporary misogyny, violence, and popular culture as they relate to the African-American family. Parallels are drawn between the sociological and political issues surrounding masculinity, femininity, disenfranchisement, and hip-hop culture and the effect that these have on the African-American family. (Fall - Spring). Liberal arts. Prerequisites: AAS103 or SOC101 or GWS101 or POI.

AAS202 - Great Afro-American Literature (3 cr.)

An examination of Afro-American literature: poetry, novels, autobiography and criticism. A study of peculiarities of form that can be ascribed specifically to Afro-American culture highlighting the richness of its literature. (Fall/Spring). Liberal arts.

AAS203 - Civilizations and Cultures of Southern Africa (3 cr.)

A survey of Southern African civilizations and cultures from the 15th century through the present. (Fall/Spring). Liberal arts.

AAS207 - Inside Africa (3 cr.)

A course reviewing contemporary Africa in the context of both the developing and industrialized worlds. A critical examination of 21st Century Sub-Saharan Africa, and an exploration of the processes by which the current situation has occurred, the historical and present crises, as well as the successes and triumphs of the continent. Liberal arts. (Fall). Prerequisite: sophomore standing.

AAS209 - African Cinema (3 cr.)

A topical examination of contemporary African societies and cultures as expressed through the camera lens. Intensive study of selected films on the dynamics of change, gender issues, migrations, conflicts, globalization, and marginalization. (Fall). Liberal arts. Prerequisite: sophomore standing.

AAS211 - African Insurgency (3 cr.)

An interdisciplinary course reviewing culture, identity, politics, tradition, wars and warlords in modern Africa. An examination of the origins and spread of current "low-intensity" conflicts in Africa, and how unfinished agendas held in abeyance since independence are finally playing out. A look at an era that is by no means likely to end soon and the dynamics of unrest that in many cases are still imperfectly understood. (Spring). Liberal arts. Prerequisite: sophomore standing.

AAS299 - Independent Study (1 to 15 cr.)

Project individually arranged by student and faculty sponsor. Requires completion of the Independent Study form and approval by the Faculty Sponsor, Academic Advisor, Department Chair and Academic Dean. Can be repeated for a maximum of 15 credits.

AAS303 - Black Women: Contemporary Social and Political Commentary (3 cr.)

A survey of black women's writing dealing with contemporary social and political commentary. The course will focus on writings from Africa and the African diaspora (the United States, the Caribbean, South America, United Kingdom and Canada). (Fall). Liberal arts. Prerequisite: AAS103 or POI.

AAS305 - Afro-Caribbean Civilization (3 cr.)

Afro-Caribbean Civilizations introduces students to the history and culture of this geographically fragmented region and its representations in international culture. Comparative discussions of art and literature of the African Diaspora from a number of Caribbean islands introduce the multicultural societies of the region. Discussion topics include society, popular culture, and politics. (Fall - Spring). Liberal arts. Prerequisite: AAS201 or ANT102 or GEG121 or HIS101 or HIS102 or PSC100 or SOC101.

AAS306 - Afro-American Cultures since 1865: Reconstruction - Present (3 cr.)

A general study of major political, social and economic developments within the Afro-American community. (occasional). Liberal arts.

AAS334 - The African Francophone Novel (3 cr.)

An intensive examination of classical texts from twentieth century and contemporary African writings aimed at highlighting their particularities in expressing the colonial experience and its aftermath. Explores manifestations of traditional narrative forms in the modern novel and seeks to introduce students to the contributions of the most consequential French-speaking writers from the African continent. (Spring). Liberal arts. Prerequisite: ENG101.

AAS390 - Special Topics (Title Varies) (3 cr.)

Coverage of significant topics in African American Studies. Provides students with an opportunity to study topics not presented in depth in other courses. May be repeated with different topics to a maximum of six credits. (Spring). Liberal arts. Prerequisite: AAS103 or AAS202.

AAS399 - Independent Study (1 to 15 cr.)

Project individually arranged by student and faculty sponsor. Requires completion of the Independent Study form and approval by the Faculty Sponsor, Academic Advisor, Department Chair and Academic Dean. Can be repeated for a maximum of 15 credits.

AAS496 - Instructional Practicum (3 cr.)

Assist instructor in planning, preparation, class discussions, tutoring, and/or group projects/presentations. Pass/fail grade. May be repeated to a maximum of three credits. (Fall/Spring). Liberal arts. Prerequisites: POI, grade of B or better in course in which student will work, upper-level status.

AAS498 - Internship (1 to 15 cr.)

Can be repeated for a maximum of 15 credits.

AAS499 - Independent Study (1 to 15 cr.)

Project individually arranged by student and faculty sponsor. Requires completion of the Independent Study form and approval by the Faculty Sponsor, Academic Advisor, Department Chair and Academic Dean. May be repeated for a maximum of 15 credits.

AAS580 - Advanced Topics in Africana Studies (3 cr.)

Advanced topics in literature, culture, history, or other aspect of Africana Studies. Lecture and seminar format. May be repeated for credit with a different topic. Students cannot receive credit for the same topic at the undergraduate and graduate level. (occasional). Prerequisites: POI.

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Alphabetical Listing of Curriculum Descriptions by Course Subject


  • Africana Studies = AAS
  • Accounting = ACC
  • Anthropology = ANT
  • Arabic = ARA
  • Art = ART
  • Asian Studies = ASI
  • Astronomy = AST


  • Biology = BIO
  • Business = BUS


  • Canadian Studies = CAS
  • Communications Disorders & Sciences = CDS
  • Consumer Economics Management = CEM
  • Chemistry = CHE
  • Counseling = CLG
  • Career Life Planning = CLP
  • Communication Studies = CMM
  • Computer Science = CSC
  • Criminal Justice = CRI


  • Economics = ECO
  • Education = EDU
  • Education - Administration = EDA
  • Education - Mathematics = EDM
  • Education - Reading = EDR
  • Education - Special = EDS
  • English = ENG
  • Environmental Science = ENV
  • English as a Second Language = ESL
  • Expeditionary Studies = EXP


  • Finance = FIN
  • Foreign Languages & Literature = FLL
  • French = FRE
  • Freshman Seminar = FRS
  • Freshman Experience = FRX


  • Geography = GEG
  • Gender & Women's Studies = GWS
  • Geology = GEL
  • German = GER


  • Health Education = HED
  • History = HIS
  • Honors = HON
  • Hotel, Restaurant, & Tourism Management = HRT
  • Human Development and Family Relations = HDF


  • Interdisciplinary Studies = INT
  • Italian = ITA


  • Journalism = JOU


  • Latin American Studies = LAS
  • Latin = LAT
  • Leadership = MLS
  • Library Skills = LIB
  • Language & Linguistics = LIN


  • Mathematics = MAT
  • Meteorology = MET
  • Military Studies = MTS
  • Management & International Business = MGM
  • Marketing & Entrepreneurship = MKE
  • Minority Studies = MNS
  • Music = MUS


  • Nursing = NUR
  • Nutrition = FNI


  • Physical Education = PED
  • Philosophy = PHI
  • Physics = PHY
  • Portuguese = POR
  • Political Science = PSC
  • Psychology = PSY


  • Reading = RDG
  • Recreation = REC
  • Russian = RUS


  • Science & Society = SCI
  • Sociology = SOC
  • Spanish = SPA
  • Social Work = SWK


  • Theatre = THE
  • Tutor Training = TTR