The SCTE Newsletter

A teaching and learning newsletter by the Student Committee on Teaching Excellence, the student advisory committee to the Center for Teaching Excellence

Produced several times per year by the Center for Teaching Excellence and the Student Committee on Teaching Excellence (SCTE), with input from the students and faculty of SUNY Plattsburgh.

Looking for The Common Good: A SUNY Plattsburgh Journal on Teaching and Learning?
The SCTE Newsletter was started in [year] with the title "The Common Good." When the SCTE Newsletter went on hiatus in [year], the name "The Common Good" was transferred to the CTE's peer reviewed journal on teaching and learning. Issues of the SCTE Newsletter from [year] to [year] still bear the name, "The Common Good," and can be found at the links below. Starting in Fall of 2015, issues are simply called the "SCTE Newsletter." We are working on renaming this to something more descriptive. 

SCTE Newsletter back issues

SCTE Newsletter November, 2015, guest post by Katherine Lorensen
SCTE Newsletter November, 2015
SCTE Newsletter October, 2015

The Common Good CTE Newsletter 9
The Common Good CTE Newsletter 8
The Common Good CTE Newsletter 7
The Common Good CTE Newsletter 6
(There is no Issue 5)
The Common Good CTE Newsletter4.1
The Common Good CTE Newsletter3.3
The Common Good CTE Newsletter3.2
The Common Good CTE Newsletter3.1
The Common Good CTE Newsletter2.4
The Common Good CTE Newsletter2.3
The Common Good CTE Newsletter2.1
The Common Good CTE Newsletter1.4
The Common Good CTE Newsletter1.3
The Common Good CTE Newsletter1.2
The Common Good CTE Newsletter1

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For more information about the Center for Teaching Excellence, please contact:

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