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Faculty Learning Communities

Faculty Learning Communities meet at least once a month on a schedule determined by the participants. Refreshments are provided. Please contact Brianne as soon as possible to indicate your interest in joining one. If you have other ideas for FLCs, or perhaps would like to lead one yourself with support from the CTE, please let me know soonest!

Threshold Concepts

This FLC will be focused on the provocative work of Ray Land et. al. in their development of theory on threshold concepts and learning. Threshold concepts concern those challenges to understanding that are distinct to disciplines and how they can be addressed to improve learning. You will be provided with the paperback, Overcoming Barriers to Student Understanding: Threshold Concepts and Troublesome Knowledge by Jan Meyer and Ray Land, as a resource for discussion.

Junior Faculty

This is for new and untenured faculty. This FLC gives these faculty time and space to share challenges and successes in teaching, and to broaden and strengthen their membership in the Plattsburgh faculty community. Participants will be provided with First-Order Principles for College Teachers: Ten Basic Ways to Improve the Teaching Process, by Robert Boice.


To sign up for a faculty learning community, please contact:

Brianne H. Ford, Keyboard Specialist II
219A Feinberg Library
Phone: (518) 564-2154
Fax: (518) 564-5100

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For more information about the Center for Teaching Excellence, please contact:

Becky Kasper, Ph.D., Director
SUNY Plattsburgh
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