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Summer 2014

Academic Advising Renovation

This project will create offices for Academic Advising and a new lobby/reception area for the Learning Center.  Construction is scheduled to be completed for the beginning of the fall semester.  Status: Renovations to the Learning Center in Fienberg Library are going well.

Adirondack Hall

Window Replacement Project, Asbestos Abatement for the friable materials in the floor lounges and RD Apartment has been completed in preparation of the window removals. Concrete infill for the RD Apartment window installation is underway and should be completed by 6/13/14.Stairway and lounge area window removals is scheduled to begin on 6/28/14 with the window installation to begin immediately after the removals. Status: The completion date of 8/15/14 has not changed as the project is on schedule.

Macdonough Hall

Roof Replacement is well underway. The scaffolding for the roofing work has been completed and the contractor is performing the following work, rebuilding and supporting the existing cornice on the building, slate removal, vapor barrier installation, masonry re-pointing of the chimneys, excavation and installation of storm discharge piping for the rain gutter system, and Asbestos removal of the mortar setting bed for the existing ridge cap. Status: The completion date of 8/30/14 for phase one work has not changed as the project is on schedule.

Banks and Whiteface Hall Elevator Replacement

Demolition of the existing elevators,  elevator control systems has been completed, and masonry removals for the new hoist way doors and elevator machine room doors has been completed. The new elevator control systems have been installed and all 4 elevator cars are now up and running for construction only. Work is progressing on the installation of the new hoist way door frames, electrical infrastructure, masonry infill, and HVAC cooling systems for the elevator machine room. Status: The completion date of 8/8/14 has not changed as the project is on schedule.

Mason Hall Renovation

Installation of the construction fence has been completed and the fence fabric will be installed on the fence in the near future. Work is progressing on the installation of the fire line from Hood Hall and electrical utilities from the Clinton Electrical vault. Electrical utility work for the area should be completed by 6/17/14 and the fire line from Hood Hall shortly after. Asbestos abatement is underway with the third floor being completed by 6/13/14. The abatement contractor will then proceed to the second floor for removals.  The general contractor as well as the electrical contractor have completed all possible removals on the interior of the building prior to abatement and once the abatement is complete all contractors will begin their work in the building. Status: The project is on schedule with an expected completion dated of 6/15/15.

deFredenburgh Hall Renovation

Work is being performed by all trades on the final punch list items for the building. Elevator and fire alarm testing is scheduled for June. Site work is near complete and the sod for the lawn being installed on 6/11/14. Movers will be on site on 7/7/14 to move all furniture and equipment into the building. Status: The anticipated completion date for the project is 7/14/14.

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