Online Exhibits in SUNY Plattsburgh Special Collections

We have just begun to build a new collection of online exhibits. Be sure to check back for updates!

The collection

Seneca Ray Stoddard, A Visual Legacy - Born in 1844 in the town of Wilton in Saratoga County, Stoddard began his career as an ornamental painter of railroad cars in Troy, New York, in 1862.

John Brown - His Life and History - Explore the world of this famous - and controversial - abolitionist, exhibit by Special Collections Associate, Michael Burgess.

Plattsburgh Rocks! Concert Posters - History of Music Concerts at SUNY Plattsburgh, by librarian Tim Hartnett, hosted in the SUNY Plattsburgh Digitial Commons.

Women's Late-Nineteenth-Century Clothing Styles - Digital Exhibit created by intern Justin Holzer, utilized some Special Collections photographs.

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