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Assessment Advisory Committee

The Assessment Advisory Committee (AAC) engages in a broad-based participatory process to provide consultation and information on policy and procedures relevant to assessment.

The AAC updates the Assessment Record forms used by all campus departments/programs; reviews applications for and awards campus-funded assessment-support grants; sponsors speakers and workshops on assessment; provides consultation on department/unit assessment activities; and proposes policies on and drafts procedures for campus assessment activities.

The membership is broadly representative and includes the Provost (Ex-Officio), the Director of Institutional Research, the Vice President for Academics of the Student Association, a dean, and representatives from all divisions of the institution (members serve staggered three-year terms).

Committee Members 2014-2015

  • Andrew Buckser, School of Arts and Sciences
  • Michele Carpentier, Special Programs and Student Support Services
  • JoAnne Gleeson-Kreig, Provost’s Assessment Fellow
  • David Gregoire, Institutional Advancement
  • Bryan Hartman, Student Affairs
  • Bob Karp, Institutional Research
  • Becky Kasper, Center for Teaching Excellence
  • Lauren Kiefer, English
  • Steve Light, Academic Affairs
  • Jason Lee, Accounting
  • Tom Moran, Institute for Ethics in Public Life
  • Todd Moravec, Student Financial Services
  • George Still, EHHS Assessment and Data Manager

Contact Information

To recommend additional materials or to ask questions about assessment programs at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact

Stephen Light, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Office: Kehoe 807
Phone: (518) 564-2195