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Waiving International Student Health Insurance and Fees

International students who wish to waive the health insurance fees are required to follow the procedure listed on this webpage every year.

Submission of a waiver does not guarantee that the health insurance and fees will be waived.  SUNY Plattsburgh reserves the right to deny waivers based on their incomparability with international student health insurance coverage offered through the SUNY system.

Required Health Insurance Waiver Forms

Deadline for Submission

End of the second week of classes

How to Request A Waiver for Health Insurance Fees for International Students

  1. Complete the required documents above
  2. Attach proof of insurance coverage.  This can be a letter from your insurance company, your insurance card, certificate, etc.  This MUST clearly show your dates of coverage, the amounts covered, and be in English. This document must be submitted with the Clarification of Insurance Policy Benefits and International Health Insurance Waiver.
  3. Submit all three documents to the SUNY Plattsburgh Global Education Office (GEO).  You may send via email (geo@plattsburgh.edu) or hand-deliver in person to the GEO Office.
  4. Students MUST submit all three documents for review to the Global Education Office.  Students who do not submit all three documents will not be considered for a waiver. Insurance coverage MUST match what is shown in the Clarification of Insurance Policy Benefits (EXAMPLE).

Fees will not be waived until after the second week of classes.  After the second week of classes students should verify that the charges have been removed by logging into BannerWeb and reviewing their student account.

Waiving International Student Health Insurance and Fees for the Summer

If you usually use the SUNY Plattsburgh health insurance during the academic year, but intend to be in your home country between June 15 and August 15, you may request that the summer health insurance coverage be waived. You must bring your plane ticket to the Global Education Office showing your departure before June 15 and arrival after August 15. Once we have reviewed your travel plans and have determined that you are eligible for a waiver, we will request a refund of your health insurance premium for the summer.


Contact Information

If you have any questions about international education, admission, or financial aid at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact:

Global Education Office
State University of New York at Plattsburgh
Kehoe Administration Building, Room 210
101 Broad Street
Plattsburgh, New York 12901 USA

Phone: 1-518-564-3287
Fax: 1-518-564-3292
Email: GEO@plattsburgh.edu
Facebook:  SUNY Plattsburgh International Students