Alumni Profile

Jil Facko, Class of 2010

Jil Facko graduated with a philosophy degree in December 2010. She now works at Literacy Volunteers located in Hawkins Hall on the SUNY Plattsburgh campus.

Literacy Volunteers is an organization devoted to tutoring students and families with low literacy skills who live in our local community, at no cost to those who receive tutoring. Jil is in charge of training 30 volunteers, and ensures that the organization has the appropriate books, materials, and resources for these volunteers to use. We asked her recently whether or not her training in philosophy is useful in the job she has now. “Definitely. What I learned from taking philosophy classes was how to pay attention to details, and how to organize information for discussing philosophical ideas and writing about them. I’m now applying that attention to details in my job when I organize events and activities for volunteers to meet their particular needs.”

We also wanted to know what advice Jil would pass on to students who are now enrolled in the philosophy curriculum, as well as those who are considering majoring in philosophy. “A lot of people have a stereotype of philosophy as a major that is for smart people who don’t want to do anything. But that isn’t necessarily so. Students in the program should actively look for places and settings to apply what they are learning in their classes. Philosophy is meaningful to a person when it is used. So try to combine philosophy with your other interests or projects that you feel passionate about.”


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