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Ms. Julie Cheng, Senior

Julie Cheng from Clifton Park, New York, entered Plattsburgh State as a freshman, and she is a Marketing major with minors in both Broadcast Management and Women's Studies. During the 2005-06 school year, Julie is serving as president of the Marketing Club (Plattsburgh State Collegiate Chapter of the American Marketing Association).

I Feel Close to the Faculty and Have Gained so Much From Them

"What I enjoy most about the Marketing Program at Plattsburgh State is the faculty, which I have always felt very close to and have been able to gain so much knowledge from. One of my favorite group activities is the Marketing Club, which is very active! I have made so many amazing friends through the program while gaining professional experience at the same time. The entire marketing program is a strong one, in my opinion, because the classes touch on projects that involve working with real businesses around the community."

Mr. Michael Kowalowski, Senior

Michael Kowalowski, from Plattsburgh New York, entered Plattsburgh State as a junior after graduating from Clinton Community College with his associate's degree. He has been active in the Marketing Club, and he had an excellent internship during the summer between his junior and senior years.

An Internship and Travel with the Marketing Club Make the Program Exciting

"The Marketing Program at Plattsburgh State has been both fun and exciting for me. Some of the highlights of the past year have been a great internship experience with Graymont Materials as well as the chance to travel to New Orleans with the Marketing Club to attend the 27th Annual International Collegiate AMA Conference."

Mr. Stephen Smith, Senior

Stephen Smith is from South Setauket, New York, and transferred to Plattsburgh State from SUNY Oneonta.

I Like the Small Classes with Friendly Faculty and a Hands-On Approach

"I came here because one of my friends told me about the Marketing Program. Most of the professors in Marketing and the School of Business and Economics are friendly, excellent teachers, and they take a hands-on approach in their courses.

I like the fact that there are not 600 people in a class, but rather only 25 or 30 students in my business courses. Plattsburgh is a perfect setting in the Adirondacks for a college. I find time here to be able to handle my studies, my job, and my social life.

After I graduate, I'm looking forward to doing a master's degree in sports marketing. My goal is to work in the sports marketing department for ABC Sports!"

Questions, Comments, Suggestions?

For more information about the marketing program at SUNY Plattsburgh, or to arrange a campus visit, please contact:

Dr. Nancy J. Church, Chairperson
Office: SBE/CS Room 208
Phone: (518) 564-4169

Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurship
SUNY Plattsburgh
101 Broad Street
Plattsburgh, NY 12901