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Thesis Option F — Case Study Analysis: Accelerated Applied Theory Thesis/Exam


  1. A case will be provided by your thesis advisor.
  2. You will have a specified period of time to analyze your case and to submit your results with relevant reference citing.
  3. Identify and define at least 5 short and long term issues/problems or issues involved in the case.
  4. Select 3 of those issues/problems for further discussion.
  5. Reflect upon the premises in your thinking leading up to these 3 issue/problem definitions and provide a minimum of three scholarly references for each of your premises.
  6. Discuss multiple solutions for both the short and long term scenarios.
  7. Select the top three solutions for both the short and long term implementation and provide any research references that justify your solutions.
  8. Select one solution for each of the short and long term issues/problems and delineate the steps of implementation for that solution.
  9. Discuss the rationale for each solution choice, including reference and citation of leading theorists who would support your choice.
  10. Develop a contingency plan in the event any of the solutions choices fails to correct the problems or a new problem is generated by their implementation.
  11. This option may only be submitted electronically as a written document to your thesis advisor.

Thesis Template

The following is a generalized approach to responding to a case study exam. You may alternatively be provided with a specific set of questions relative to the specific exam case.

  1. Provide a general description of your leadership style/approach to solving problems/issues.
  2. Identify 5 critical issues/problems/challenges. Select 3 for full discussion.
  3. Identify and discuss applicable theories and applications:

    Case Study Accelerated Applied Theory Thesis Worksheet

      Theory Why is This Theory Applicable? How to Apply it Short Term How to Apply it Long Term
    Issue/Problem/Challenge 1
    Issue/Problem/Challenge 2
    Issue/Problem/Challenge 3
    Issue/Problem/Challenge 4
    Issue/Problem/Challenge 5
  4. Discuss application solution for each issue/problem/challenge and potential ramifications of each solution.
  5. Discuss alternative solutions for each issue/problem/challenge and potential ramifications of each alternative.
  6. Summary: Discuss the meaningfulness of theories you applied in your solutions to your professional and personal leadership future.

Items Required for Thesis Option F

Items Required
Thesis Proposal N
Thesis Adviser Y
Literature Review (25-45 References) Y
Methodology Review (5-10 References) N
Problem Statement N
Hypotheses/Propositions N
Written Document Y
COPHS Approval N

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