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Thesis Option E — Original Research Thesis


  1. Identify a research topic/questions and hypotheses/propositions.
  2. Provide a literature review of research specific to the research questions and hypotheses/propositions.
  3. Provide a methodology literature review justifying your research design and methodology requirements for data collection and analysis.
  4. Provide a research design with COPHS approval.
  5. Conduct research.
  6. Analyze research results.
  7. Discuss results, draw conclusions, state limitations.
  8. This option must be submitted as a written document with an informal oral review panel by your thesis advisor and second reader with a complete bibliography and written abstract.

Thesis Template

A typical thesis contains the following sections:

  1. Introduction (3-5 pages).
    1. Purpose of the Study.
    2. Statement of the Problem.
      1. Research Questions and propositions.
    3. Significance of the Study.
  2. Methodology (7-10 pages).
    1. Research Design Methodology and Literature Review.
    2. Data collection methodology and Literature Review.
    3. Data analysis methodology.
  3. Review of the Research Content Literature (20 plus pages).
    1. Covering all relevant sections of literature re: research questions and propositions.
    2. Also occurs throughout thesis as needed.
  4. Data Collection & Results presentation (7 plus pages).
  5. Discussion of Results (12-15 pages).
    1. As they relate to your original research questions and propositions.
    2. As they relate to the existing literature.
  6. Conclusions (3-5 pages).
    1. What does this all mean?
    2. Limitations of the Study.
      1. Limitations of methodology in general.
      2. Limitations of this particular study.
    3. Recommendations for future research.
  7. References
    1. Use the APA style throughout.
  8. Appendix A....N
    1. Contains any and all supporting documentation such as:
      1. Cover letters and survey instruments.
      2. Aggregate raw survey results.
      3. Archival data / historical documents.

Items Required for Thesis Option E

Items Required
Thesis Proposal Y
Thesis Adviser and Second Reader Y
Literature Review (25-45 References) Y
Methodology Review (5-10 References) Y
Problem Statement Y
Hypotheses/Propositions Y
Written Document with Oral Review with Faculty Panel Y
Oral Presentation with Abstract and Annotated Bibliography N
COPHS Approval (Any use of human subjects for data collection) Y

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